Red Ribbon Week / Semana del Listón Rojo

All students and staff are invited to dress up on the following days!

  • 10/23 Monday: Be Brave, Be Bold, Be - You Wear Red
  • 10/24 Tuesday: Team Up for Safe Choices - Wear your favorite sports team shirt
  • 10/25 Wednesday: 50th Day of School continue being BRIGHT and never be dark - Wear neon colors
  • 10/26 Thursday: You are too SMART to get off path! - Wear your PECAN SPRINGS t-shirt
  • 10/27 Friday: You have the power to make great choices EVERYDAY - Wear your SUPERHERO shirts!
  • 10/30 Monday: Follow your DREAMS - Pajama Day
  • 10/31 Tuesday: Making good choices builds "character" - Dress up in your custom

Please remember to follow the school dress code.
No scary customs, No scary masks, No costume with weapons