Early Act First Knight

Character Plan

We believe that all children can succeed. Our school has partnered with community Rotarians to help our scholars build unique character traits throughout the school year. 

The following is  a brief explanation of the EAFK program. 

Pecan Springs ECP is a participant in EarlyActFirst Knight® (or EAFK). EAFK is a unique character education program for elementary and middle schools from Knights of The Guild. Sponsored by the Austin Rotary Clubs, EAFK motivates and educates children of all backgrounds to become civil, service-oriented people during their most formative years.

The program encompasses the instruction of “The Four-Way Test” as a reminder of commitment to practice good character.

Additionally, teachers instruct students in character skills:

  •  Elementary Level Virtues
    • *Tolerance
    • *Responsibility
    • *Confidence
    • *Perseverance
    • *Discipline
    • *Respect
    • *Honesty
    • *Compassion
    • *Friendliness
    • *Service

Annually, there will be 6 Early Act First Knight Assemblies to recognize students who display selected traits.

*Parents will be notified to attend when their child will be recognized.

For more information please consult the EAFK website at www.eafk.org