Arrival & Dismissal

Starting Time 

Instruction begins promptly at 7:40 am. At 7:40 scholars are considered tardy and must go directly to the Office to obtain a Tardy Note

Arrival Primary (PK3 thru 1st Grade) 

The front doors will be opened at 7:10 am for all scholars. Parents are to drop off their child at the front door in the morning.

Car Drop Off

Located at the front of the school. Use the left lane on the driveway only! Greeters will be there at 7:15 am. The inner lane (right lane) is reserved for buses only. Please observe all caution signs: Speed Limit should not Exceed 15 mph, only Right Turns are allowed out of the driveway, One way Only, and No Parking Zones.

See illustration below.

Arrival Intermediate (2nd-5th)

The west entrance (ALL Reicher Drive) will be opened at 7:10 am for all scholars. 2nd-5th Grade scholars will be monitored in the 300 wing until teacher pickup. Breakfast will be served in the classroom at 7:30 am. 


For the safety of your child, Pre K through 1st Grade scholars will be released in the front of the school, 2nd-through 5th Grade scholars will be released through the west entrance. Please make arrangements to pick them up at their designated location. If an older student (2nd-5th) has younger (Pre-K-2nd) siblings in school, the younger siblings will be escorted to the older siblings’ location of pick-up. Teachers will bring scholars to the office at 3:20 pm when parents are late so the Office can call home. Scholars will not be allowed to wait in any other area of the school other than the designated location.

To ensure your child's safety, it is important that he/she be picked up because personnel is unavailable and can't be responsible to supervise your child after 3:45 p.m. The school is obligated to contact campus police and/or Child Protective Services


For the safety of the children, all visitors to the school must enter the school through the main entrance of the building. ALL visitors must sign-in at the school office, obtain a visitor sticker from the office, and wear the visitor sticker for the duration of their lunch visit! Texas law prohibits unauthorized visitors in or around public schools.